Matteo Sgherri, Ph.D

Creative person

I love to design, make and share

I started sharing my works since 2004 as Ilovedoom under deviantart and coroflot. I embraced freelance design as a way to share my vision of getting things done and good to use. I rebranded myself as thepixelschips in 2018 while gaining consciousness on a pop side of my style.

I push ideas to the next dimension

I encourage customers and students to take a deep breath and make the change to enable the message of their work, following the next big thing.

The medium is the next big tool

No matter the medium, the message should be the same, giving the right amount of deepness, like going from 2d to 3d. In the same way I talk a lot with various people with podcasts and one especially I make about design toys for the Italian market.

Just make it happen

In my experience I managed challenges from various markets, like gathering briefings without an end, customers without the budget, markets I would not care to work about. Everything had in common to solve with design thinking.

Designing whatever is impossible, making possible the impossible

I started from a different perspective on every project, like an underdog, and I guided projects to their launch.

Unpublished is not an option

It happened even to myself. I started with an idea and then stopped without a reason. I hacked my self to close it during a sprint and made it to the store. It was fun and bloody.

Getting the right inspiration

I am not a static person. I love to read comics, sci-fi books and cultural heritage of contemporary art and pop culture.

Let's make great things

I don't know what you want but I know how you smile when it is right. It is my pleasure to make it happen every time

Matteo Sgherri, Ph.D

Creative person since 2004, from 1984 shiny Fezzano of La Spezia. PhD degree designer at Genoa on UX design and CAD BIM. Family man in Piedmont with nerd wife and two kids.

© Matteo Sgherri PhD @thePixelsChips